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TV's worst daughters

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I did a story earlier this week about annoying TV daughters who slow down the plots on some of television's best shows.

Readers wrote in with their suggestions for obnoxious offspring.

Larry from Addison:
I would probably add the daughter in Castle to your list. In addition, I also like the way you complemented Maisie Williams (i.e. Arya in Game of Thrones). With violent/sex driven show like that, it is great to see a character who you wish was your daughter and in my opinion sets a great example for young women.

Karen wrote:
I realize that your article focused on recent TV series, but when we're talking "most annoying, plot-disruptive daughter in TV history," Rachel Green of ER just can't be left out of consideration, and arguably is the prototype. A harmless little girl when the series began its 15-year run, she dropped off the screen for multiple seasons when her mother divorced Dr. Mark Green and moved away, only to return as a shrieking teenager, landing on his doorstep when she runs away from her mother's house. As soon becomes obvious, Mark's ex had done nothing wrong; it was the show's writers who inflicted this brat on us. Rachel treats Mark and his new wife, Dr. Corday, like crap and misbehaves at will, most dramatically when her baby sister poisons herself by finding and swallowing Rachel's illegal drugs while Rachel is supposed to be babysitting (which was, like, so unfair of her parents to make her do!) but isn't really watching the baby. Baby nearly dies, Dr. Corday wants Rachel out of her house, Mark shields the girl and refuses to tell the police the truth, the marriage falters -- talk about plot disruptions. Rachel remained impossibly truculent right through to (almost) the bitter end, as Anthony Edwards was written off the show: dying of a brain malignancy, Mark takes his family to Hawaii, where he grew up, to spend his last weeks, and Rachel still sulks until it's time for her "heartwarming" reconciliation to her dying dad. But the show had taken it too far. There was no redeeming her, you just wanted her off the screen.

Leighton from Bellwood:
There are some shows where the sons get in the way of the show. The 2 that I can think of immediately are Falling Skies & The Walking Dead.

Who else deserves the title of annoying TV daughter?


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